Monday, November 14, 2011

Naughty or Nice? Santa's 2011 Holiday Gift Guide

Naughty or Nice? 
Santa’s 2011 Holiday Gift Guide
Santa is a generous giver and this year we have some great suggestions for your entire family to add to your list for the Jolly Old Man.  Have you been good this year? I hope you have.  Below is a fabulous gift suggestion for everyone in your family.

FOR MAMA:  The Card Cache – This gift is a no-brainer to ALL of the women in your life. The Card Cache is arguably the one item they will use more than any other next year.  And a big bonus is that the price range is a low $10 - $20. Stay in style and organized with this cute cable to hold all of your gift & reward cards.  And if you are giving gift cards to teachers, neighbors, and Bunco friends you should definitely sweeten the gift card with The Card Cache – it is sure to be a big hit.  Don’t forget to ask Santa for yours too!

FOR DADDY:  Dad’s are undoubtedly hard to shop for but this year we’ve got you covered.  Aly Dahl Designs makes this very manly yet sentimental Dog Tag stamped with your children’s  fingerprints and names.  They are beautiful and timeless.  Price is $275 and yes, he will wear it with pride!  Shop now & save 10% with code: iliketosave10  Expires Dec. 31.

FOR PRINCESS:   Your Princess will know just how important she is with this adorable Name MeaningCanvas by Crazy for Stripes.  These colorful canvases showcase your child’s name and the meaning of their name – sure to make any little girl feel special and important!  Can be found on for $23.95 & use this 15%off coupon code: GIFTS328

FOR YOUR ASTRONAUT:  Your little man will soar to new heights with Hape’s Discovery Spaceship & LiftOff Rocket.  This is the Barbie doll mansion for BOYS!!! Price is $129 and totally worth every penny.  

FOR SNUGGLE BABY:  Santa will make your little snuggle bunny totally adorable with these cute knitted beanies by Taylor Joelle.  They even have newborn beanies and at a price of only $14.99 it won’t break Santas piggy bank.

FOR COUPLES IN LOVE: – Boy Meets Girl and Say I Love You pillowcases  - - Completely adorable designs and such a sweet gift.   I’m in love with these fun pillowcases and you will be too. Prices range from $32 - $36 and they even make Bodypillow cases!

And of course we want to let you know that the i like book for kids and couples make very special gifts and are available on our website or  To learn more about these special books and why they are so popular visit us at:
In addition, on 11/21/2011 for only 6 hours (4pm to 10pm) we will be selling our NEW children's illustrated book 'i like you... i really do' on for practically FREE. Put it on your calendar now & stock up for all the little ones in your life!

I wish you all a beautiful holiday season filled with giggles ,surprises and happy memories.  Please join the i like book on Facebook to enjoy our Freebie Fridays, fun dialogue with mamas, and insider information about upcoming deals & discounts.  

Seasons Greetings,

*This blog contains my very own ideas & copy. I was not compensated for any of my gift suggestions.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Take A Seat & Let Green Chair Photography Make You Look Fabulous!

Have you ever gotten to holiday time and realized that you have to thumb through all your old snapshots from earlier in the year to find a picture that will ‘do’ for your Holiday Cards?  Professional photos make the holidays so easy & I’m not just talking about having FABULOUS  Holiday Cards.  A fun photo shoot will give you instant gift ideas when you take the digital images to sites like Shutterfly, Snapfish & Tiny Prints, and MyPublisher.  You can make calendars, personalized mugs, collage photos, canvas wraps & so much more.  This year my family was lucky enough to find Erin with Green Chair Photography. 

Let me jump to the fun stuff.  I gave Erin some suggestions of what kind of location we would like and she took care of everything.  All we had to do was show up.  The location she choose was so cool because there were wild chickens, roosters, hay bales & rail road tracks.  My kids were in heaven!  I have 2 young boys who can definitely be camera shy with a new person but Erin put them right at ease and they were giggling in no time.  I was so impressed by her ease and 'eye' for capturing great shots.  It really takes a special person to be able to see the big picture - no pun intended =).

 I asked Erin how Green Chair Photography got its name.  Erin said she noticed that she used a lot of chairs for her props and many were green and quickly became known as Green Chair Photography.  Very fitting & yes, she did bring a cool green box as a prop to our shoot which we sat and stood on.
The photo shoot felt fun, easy and my boys started really hamming it up by the end. Erin suggested they give her some silly faces and that was so much fun.  The pictures we received  were fabulous and it’s obvious she loves taking pictures because it’s very natural to her.
Green Chair Photography is located in Parker, Colorado & services the entire Denver metro area.  Right now they are offering fantastic holiday specials but you need to get on the calendar quickly. Let her know the i like book sent you and enjoy your very special photo shoot.   You will definitely want to book Green Chair Photography year after year; I know that I will!
**Holiday mini-session available for $60  with 5-8 Christmas themed pictures. Good until Dec.4th** 

Here is the little "story" Erin was kind enough to share:

"My first memories of my interest in photography came around the age of 6. A plastic Holly Hobbie camera was used to capture my pet cats in every corner of our house. At age 10, I noticed my baby sister lazily draped over the metal arm of her stroller with a quirky smile and a string of drool. I knew I had to capture that moment before it was gone. As a teenager, other kids were saving their money for concert tickets and clothes. I spent most of my money on camera equipment. Growing up in Hawaii, I admired the beauty of my island home and caught it on film whenever possible. I took my camera to school, the beach and to family events and today it is still a major accessory to my being. 
I am a mom of two boys and three dogs and they keep my camera constantly clicking. I love to travel, experiencing different cultures and scrapbooking. I was encouraged by family and friends to do more with my love of photography. Pursue my passion that I had ignored for so long. Here is where I am today in search of new faces and new places to photograph. To capture a smile, a laugh, a look, a celebration or an expression to remember forever, is the greatest gift of all. I hope to have the chance to capture those moments for you and your family."

*you may click through on the above link to learn more about Green Chair Photography or email directly at
**Holiday mini-session available for $60  with 5-8 Christmas themed pictures. Good until Dec.4th** 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

GoGreen Pocket Diapers

Ok, I got to try out one of the COOLEST one size pocket diapers ever! I was so pleased that I was given the opportunity to try the GoGreen Champ 2.0 pocket diaper. They sent me the Poople Champ (the name just makes me laugh a little). It’s a beautiful purple, one of my favorite colors. But, shhhhh let’s just not tell my son he’s wearing purple.
Here is a description of the diaper per their website.

The Champ is a premium one-size pocket diaper with the convenient feature that you don't have to remove the soiled inserts - they come out by themselves in the wash! The Champ also boasts AI2 functionality. We've added an additional snap to both the diaper and the insert that allow the insert to be secured outside of the pocket! No slipping, no bunching. This snap also conveniently keeps the insert and diaper attached in the wash whether you choose to use the insert in or outside of the pocket - no more sorting laundry! The Champ features an extended sizing range, and truly will fit from birth to potty (and beyond!). Our Dual Gussets™ barrier provides superior fit and containment - no leaks on even the smallest of babies.

I have yet to be disappointed by this diaper. I have used it a lot and it is definitely my “go to” diaper. It’s absolutely amazing how much potty this will hold with the 1 insert it comes with. It’s one of my favorites to put on him when we are going to be gone for awhile, because he can wear it for hours and I know their will be no leaks and his bottom will be nice and dry. I was even more amazed at how well it worked as a night time diaper. I have tried several different options, but this takes the cake! I snapped in the one insert and added an extra cotton/hemp insert and it worked beautifully. No wet clothes, not even the slightest bit of wicking around the waist (a problem I tend to have). Talk about one happy mama and baby in the morning.
There are a few more features I love about this diaper.
  • The color coded snaps. All I need to do is tell whoever is watching him what color snaps for the proper fit. It couldn’t be an easier.
  • It goes on like a “normal” diaper
  • You can stuff the diaper from the front or the back
  • The double gussets
  • How easy this diaper is to keep clean
  • How trim the fit is
  • The way it fits my son’s slender waist and thighs.
  • The multiple rise adjustments. Just perfect for us.
  • The PRICE of only $15.95 for the Champ 2.0. Talk about a deal.

They also have their original line for only $9.99 and a brand new limited edition partnership with Mudd Butt for $24.95, which is selling out fast. All their lines have the most adorable prints.

The owners of GoGreen have been very generous to offer one Champ 2.0 for Freebie Friday. YAY!!!! And since we all can’t win one, they were kind enough to offer a 10% discount code to our WONDERFUL fans. To receive your 10% discount enter ILIKEBOOK 10%off during checkout.

PS ~ The i like book will be hosting a ‘Freebie Friday’ on Sept 30th & will be giving away 1 GoGreen Pocket Diaper to 1 lucky winner. Stop by and enter at:

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Skip the Expensive Gift Bags for Your Guests! SERIOUSLY!

6 Ways to Have a FAB Summer Birthday Party That Won'tBreak the Piggy Bank
1. Party your socks off at YOUR home
I have 2 little guys & find that we go from party to party during the summer. Most of the parties are at bounce houses, water parks, gymnastic studios, or kid pizza places. Prices for these cool party spots range from $150 to $500 depending on the number of kiddos that attend and how many extras you want. Whatever happened to a good ole party at your house?
Throw a great party that everyone will love at your very own home & don’t go broke doing it! Save hundreds of dollars and get to entertain in your own backyard. Summer is great for the kids playing outdoors.  
2. Leave the invitations to the experts
Since you saved so much money by having the party at your house you can spend $25 to $30 on personalized invitations. There are so many companies competing for your orders right now that you can get some awesome deals from, Tiny, and many others. Don’t forget to order 1 or 2 extra for your birthday scrapbook cover!  Here is my recent invite for Jackson’s birthday party in June.
3. Shop for food, chips, cake & party supplies at a super-saver store
Shop at a local Sams Club or Costco and get just about everything you need for your party at a fraction of the cost.  Treat your guests (not just the kids but the parents too) to some favorite summer dishes like fruit platters, hamburgers, hot dogs, deviled eggs, watermelon, chips & dips and don’t forget to buy the cake there too. Half a sheet cake is only $20 & that’s a steal with free personalization!  Plus you can get your paper plates, napkins, cups & beverages there too for next to nothing! OH – here’s a great tip for you….if you have a “Dollar Store” in your area you can get Mylar balloons for $1.00 (yes, with the helium). No kidding. Save even more~make your own cake, cupcake, or cakepops!!!
4. Pull out the fun stuff you already own
There is no reason to buy a bunch of new games, hire a face painter/balloon artist, or bring in a big bounce house! Save your money & get creative!  Do you already own a slip-n-slide? How about a trampoline?  If you have a trampoline put about 50 balloons in it & your kids will go wild. Get a roll of art paper and tack it to your fence then let the kids either finger paint on it or give them brushes to create their own birthday art for your little one! All these ideas will make beautiful pictures for your birthday album and are very inexpensive. Bring the music outdoors. Pull out your portable CD player and play some fun tunes for the kids – turn it up. You can come up with some great ideas if you just think about what you already own!
5. Do not buy a bunch of gifts for your little one
Yes, I’m telling you not to buy a lot of presents for your own child. All of your guests’ gifts will be overwhelming your little one as it is.  There is no reason for you to buy more than 1 or 2 special presents for your prince or princess. Children typically get overwhelmed easily with all of the activity at a party and then opening all of their guests gifts in front of them may send them into overload or even a meltdown.  If you simply must buy several presents, try giving them to your birthday girl or boy before or after the party.
6. Boycott the expensive gift bags!
Yes, I know you probably think I’m crazy but I stand strong as I recommend that you either skip the gifts bags to your guests or find an alternative way of doing it. The cost of putting together elaborate gift bags for your child’s guests can be easily be $20 - $40 per child.  This is the biggest money waster at your child’s party that there is and you could definitely put that money into the actual party for food, games, crafts, etc.
If you simply must give a gift bag at your child’s party you can still do it for under $5.00 per child. Keep in mind that it is not about how cool or expensive the gift is to thank your guest for coming, but about your guest remembering how much fun they had at the party.  Forget the junky trinket items! Get creative ~ buy a hu-la-hoop and wrap a cute ribbon on it for personalization. Put your money into a great craft to do during the party & let each kid take their item home.

Let us know how your summer birthday party goes and if you implemented any of these radical money saving tips! We’d LIKE to know. Also, please join us on Facebook for daily fun & inspiration to moms just like YOU!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Lil Miss Couture Boutique

My daughters and I were very pleased when we were given the opportunity to review some hair accessories from Lil Miss Couture Boutique. We were given several headbands with matching flower hair clips and a package of two hair clips.

These hair accessories are so CUTE!!!!! I have dabbled in making some of these on my own for a while now, but the quality of Lil’ Miss Couture is outstanding!!!! They line the entire clip. For those you with little ones, you know how important that is. The flowers are absolutely adorable! They pay attention to the smallest details on their flower clips, as you can see in the pictures.

They look great with the head band or without the head band. My 3 year old can wear the head band, but it’s a little too small for my 10 year old. So, my oldest enjoyed matching her outfits to the flower clips.


 I really like when you order from their website at you are given the option to order a complete set (headband and flower clip) or just the flower clip. They have several collections available for you to order from. Their Princess Collection is definitely appropriately named (for our princesses) and the Spring Collection is beautiful. They also have a Pinwheel and Vintage Collection. I couldn’t recommend just one collection though. They are all amazing and I would order all of them if I could.
These opinions are my own. I did receive products to review and will not get any compensation, other than the samples I received.

Side note: Lil Miss Couture is currently attending an invitation only press event in New York City. You will probably be seeing them soon in various children’s style magazines!  Please visit them socially & become the newest fan on Lil Miss Couture’s Facebook page and follow them on Twitter for the most up to date product information and promotions.

On Friday, April 22, the i like book will be hosting a give-away with Lil Miss Couture as our lucky sponsor! Join us on the i like book Facebook page early Friday morning for a fun 1 day give-away extravaganza!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Oh, Baby Organic Skincare

I was recently asked to try Oh, Baby Organic Skincare. I have to say I didn’t know what to expect, as I have never used organic skincare before. Something I liked right away was the soft light scent, and right now that is really important to me! I’m pregnant and get easily offended by the slightest smells.
The kids, of course, loved the Bubbly Bath. But, then again who doesn’t love a bubble bath? The Bathtime Baby body wash and shampoo combo did an excellent job. Neither product bothered the kid’s eyes. It seemed to be as gentle as water. The Bathtime Baby also rinsed out of their hair very quickly. Those of us with children KNOW they aren’t hanging around while we try and rinse their hair out! I also like how soft and tangle free their hair is. I was a little surprised, because it didn’t feel like it was going to be soft and fluffy when I was rinsing it out.
Next in line, we tried the Baby Butter right out of the bath. I LOVE that this very lightweight and absorbs so fast. There is no “greasy lotion” feel and a little goes a very long way.  I also liked that because it absorbed so quickly it was easy to dress the baby. You know, how when you put some of the other lotions on? Then you try and put a long sleeve shirt on and it keeps sticking to their arm because of the lotion? Well, we didn’t have that problem at all!!! The shirt just slipped right on like it should. Makes dressing a baby much faster and that equals a much happier baby and mommy.
I did try the Bottom Balm. It’s not like anything I have used before. I was expecting something a lot thicker. This is thin, almost like a lotion. I can’t give it a full review at this time due to time constrainsts.  I will continue to use it though. I have to say I prefer to put this on than the thicker stuff I was using and the fact that it is organic makes me feel really good!
On Friday, April 1st the i like book will be teaming up with Oh, Baby Organic Skincare for a fun promotion. We are super excited to work with such a cool company. When you order i like books on our website you will receive a sample of Oh, Baby Butter and a fantastic coupon with your purchase! *while supplies last*

Sunday, March 20, 2011

I was so excited when I was given the opportunity to review BabyLegs. Included in the package were one pair of socks (boy), two pairs of leg warmers (1 boy and 1 girl), one pair of tights (girl), and then as a gift a pair of newborn legwarmers, because I’m pregnant (smiles). Something that impressed me right away was the hand written note. I really like it when a company takes the time to add that little bit of personal touch. 
            I am such a big fan of BabyLegs. They are so cute and the selection they offer is amazing. So many cute styles for girls AND boys! (Now, for my confession – I already had a few pairs and LOVE them) Also, if you “like” them on facebook one thing you’ll notice right away, they really pay attention to their fan base. The other benefit – you find out about sales and specials that aren’t necessarily advertised elsewhere.
I just wish they had them when my older ones were babies. My 10 year old daughter and 8 year old son like to wear them on their arms like “arm-warmers”. It’s perfect for Wednesday night church. They wear them in and then after they are all warmed up from running around they take them off, so they aren’t too hot. It’s the perfect “win” – they wear a “long sleeve” shirt outside (makes mom happy) and then they are wearing a short sleeve shirt inside (makes kiddos happy).

My 3 year old daughter and 1 year old son wear them as leg warmers. They have been a total life saver this winter, as it has been cold! I have the little ones wear them under their pants for added warmth. My daughter also likes that she gets to keep wearing her skirts and dresses. Babylegs have made my life so much easier with my son’s diaper changes. He doesn’t get chilled when I change him when we’re out because his legs are still covered. I have to say, they also came in pretty handy when he was having tummy troubles as well ;)  For all those moms out there saying, “They will never stay up on my daughter because she is too thin.” Think again. My daughter is very slender and they stay up on her skinny little legs pretty darn good. Every now and then she can get them to slip down, but it’s a quick fix.

Here are some pictures of my kiddos sporting their new BabyLegs.

Reveiws are an expression of my own thoughts and opions. I received BabyLegs sample products to review in my family and did not receive any monetary compensation.

The i like book will be having a BabyLegs give-away on March 25th. Swing by the I like book page and enter the contest on March 25th. It’s super easy ~ lots of fun ~ and FREE!

Friday, March 18, 2011

the top 5 online shops
to register for

choices choices choices….where do i register? what do i register for? search no more…find the top 5 online stores to register for your most wanted and needed baby products.
these cool companies offer online assistance like evites for baby showers, baby room coordination, free shipping on orders over a certain level, games for your showers, discounts and customer reviews of products.
happy shopping

Thursday, March 3, 2011

baby hip hugger
Over the course of the last year or so I have been introduced to some very cool baby & kid products because of different events I attend for the i like book. Often I wonder how I made it through the early stages of motherhood without this or that.  Recently, I met an amazing mom, Neojin, that created one of those “must haves” for a mom but not just because it is cute or trendy but because it is necessary for a mom’s sanity & physical integrity.  If you have a kid who likes to be picked up, put down, picked up, put down, Baby Nari /Baby Hip Hugger is the PERFECT SOLUTION!! It allows your kids to walk, get picked up and put down to walk again seemlessly!
Here is how it works…the Baby Hip Hugger (such a cute name) is designed for either infants or toddlers but the real magic is that it really helps mommy & daddy. As a mom myself I really hurt my back lifting & holding my little ones over & over. The Baby Hip Hugger allows your back relief because you don’t overextend your posture by carrying your kiddos on your hip.
These are one of those “can’t live without it” items that every mom & dad needs.  Plus they come in really trendy colors and the seat that your child sits on is a non-slip surface in the shape of a heart.  They have really thought of everything.  Thank you Baby Nari for introducing such a great product to the market! Visit their website & get yours today *they make great gifts too* 
Here is a coupon just for you when to use at check-out: $20 off code ~ ohsosavvymom20

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I met The Card Cache mom-preneur, Stephanie Navarro, at the Golden Globes Boom Boom Room in Beverly Hills recently.  I absolutely fell in love with her cool invention.  The Card Cache is a stylish was to stay organized & declutter your wallet & purse.  I use the “star” Card Cache and every single time I use it when shopping I get comments like – “that is so cool, what is it?” “where did you get that?” “I want one of those.”  This stylish little cable stores all of your reward cards, gift cards, gym membership cards, and gas cards in one organized place. I even accessorized mine with some cute bling bling – a little rhinestone purse.  Love it!
Recently, I bought 5 more of these at The Card Cache online store and received them superfast. I gave one to my friend, Karen, for her birthday last weekend. I am telling you~ this gift was the HIT of the entire party! Everyone wanted to know where I found it & how could they get one.  It made me so happy that I had such a fun gift that Karen would really love & use!
You simply must check out The Card Cache and get one for yourself & a few for your BFF’s.  The Card Cache wants to make sure you get a great deal when you shop at their online store. She has generously given YOU a coupon code to use & share. Enter code: 3BUCKSOFF  when you checkout.

Saturday, February 5, 2011


through all the social media i subscribe to i have seen no less than 20 valentine’s gift guides. honestly, they are all expensive things that either i can’t afford or am not interested in. i thought long & hard about what makes a valentine feel special while not breaking the budget. Below you will find some fun ideas that you can adapt for your life to have the best valentine’s day ever.
i hope you enjoy this fun list & it's sparks your creative side to do something fun for your special valentine!

1. make a picture collage of you & your sweetie (and include the kids if you have any). be creative

2. get tech savvy. upgrade your communication to eachother – then upload screensaver shots of one another to your new phones

3. enjoy a special night out together (get a sitter for the little ones) and reconnect!

4. start your i like book for couples to your sweetheart today. i like…your adorable laugh or i like…that you are MY valentine

5. surprise your sweetie with something extra special or do a little shopping together. how about…a cute accessory, hat, shoes, purse/wallet ~ you get the idea

6. get outdoors. be active. play together. make snow angels or draw hearts in the snow. take some pictures.

7. make a top 10 list of the things you like or love about your sweetie. taking the time to do this for the other person makes them feel so special! plus it’s free!

8. cook something together ~ make it an event. cupcakes, dinner, breakfast – linger over the food & have a great conversation.

9. play your favorite song that is special just to the two of you. play the guitar, make up a fun song, sing karaoke

10. find your inner chi and give eachother a hands-on massage, or gift your valentine with a massage at a local salon.