Thursday, March 31, 2011

Oh, Baby Organic Skincare

I was recently asked to try Oh, Baby Organic Skincare. I have to say I didn’t know what to expect, as I have never used organic skincare before. Something I liked right away was the soft light scent, and right now that is really important to me! I’m pregnant and get easily offended by the slightest smells.
The kids, of course, loved the Bubbly Bath. But, then again who doesn’t love a bubble bath? The Bathtime Baby body wash and shampoo combo did an excellent job. Neither product bothered the kid’s eyes. It seemed to be as gentle as water. The Bathtime Baby also rinsed out of their hair very quickly. Those of us with children KNOW they aren’t hanging around while we try and rinse their hair out! I also like how soft and tangle free their hair is. I was a little surprised, because it didn’t feel like it was going to be soft and fluffy when I was rinsing it out.
Next in line, we tried the Baby Butter right out of the bath. I LOVE that this very lightweight and absorbs so fast. There is no “greasy lotion” feel and a little goes a very long way.  I also liked that because it absorbed so quickly it was easy to dress the baby. You know, how when you put some of the other lotions on? Then you try and put a long sleeve shirt on and it keeps sticking to their arm because of the lotion? Well, we didn’t have that problem at all!!! The shirt just slipped right on like it should. Makes dressing a baby much faster and that equals a much happier baby and mommy.
I did try the Bottom Balm. It’s not like anything I have used before. I was expecting something a lot thicker. This is thin, almost like a lotion. I can’t give it a full review at this time due to time constrainsts.  I will continue to use it though. I have to say I prefer to put this on than the thicker stuff I was using and the fact that it is organic makes me feel really good!
On Friday, April 1st the i like book will be teaming up with Oh, Baby Organic Skincare for a fun promotion. We are super excited to work with such a cool company. When you order i like books on our website you will receive a sample of Oh, Baby Butter and a fantastic coupon with your purchase! *while supplies last*

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