Monday, October 4, 2010

Sunshine on a Cloudy Day
At a time where we are so caught up in Facebook, Twitter, reminders of all our friends’ birthdays, a zillion emails every day of the special deals we should take advantage of, we often forget to take a look around and be thankful for the life we have. Many of us only worry about getting all the kids to school or practice on time or when that next annual performance raise will come so we can get a little nicer ride.   Let’s get real – there are thousands of children in our own backyard that have much greater worries. These children don’t get to think about going to soccer practice or tumbling classes. They are bogged down with pills, treatments, and keeping enough energy up to make it to the next round of testing. Many of them are lucky enough to have family nearby who they can see every day. But so many of them cannot afford such a luxury and spend many of their days with no one but the wonderful caretakers at the children’s hospitals.  Can you imagine? A young child alone in a hospital and the only familiar faces are those of the Doctors, Nurses and other kids in the hospital?  It happens every day, it is happening right now.  These children are faced with things that even in my adult life I would find hard to swallow.  They are so brave, so positive & so strong; bless their little hearts.  The i like book was developed with these amazing children in mind. It is designed for 12 months of “LIKES” about the children.  The “LIKES” come from the Doctors, Nurses, friends & family who get to interact with the kids on a consistent basis.  Bringing up a child’s confidence starts with the basics of creating a documented keepsake for them to reflect on every day from the people who are caring for them daily. I can just imagine some of the “LIKES” that would invoke a sweet giggle & heartfelt memory:
I like... playing knock knock jokes with you
I like… that you always want to wear my Broncos button
I like…that you wink at me every time I come in your room
I like…how very brave you are
I know I went pretty heavy in this BLOG but the message is an important one.  These children need you to VOTE everyday in October so that they may receive an i like book of their very own.  The i like book company is trying to win a contest from Pepsi Refresh Challenge so they can donate more than 3,000 books to kids in long-term care.  They are currently working with 5 hospitals that really want these books but have room for 5 more if you would like to make a recommendation.  Please reach out to us on our Facebook page or make a comment on this BLOG but don’t forget to VOTE at
Meredith Looney | Owner | the i like book