Saturday, February 5, 2011


through all the social media i subscribe to i have seen no less than 20 valentine’s gift guides. honestly, they are all expensive things that either i can’t afford or am not interested in. i thought long & hard about what makes a valentine feel special while not breaking the budget. Below you will find some fun ideas that you can adapt for your life to have the best valentine’s day ever.
i hope you enjoy this fun list & it's sparks your creative side to do something fun for your special valentine!

1. make a picture collage of you & your sweetie (and include the kids if you have any). be creative

2. get tech savvy. upgrade your communication to eachother – then upload screensaver shots of one another to your new phones

3. enjoy a special night out together (get a sitter for the little ones) and reconnect!

4. start your i like book for couples to your sweetheart today. i like…your adorable laugh or i like…that you are MY valentine

5. surprise your sweetie with something extra special or do a little shopping together. how about…a cute accessory, hat, shoes, purse/wallet ~ you get the idea

6. get outdoors. be active. play together. make snow angels or draw hearts in the snow. take some pictures.

7. make a top 10 list of the things you like or love about your sweetie. taking the time to do this for the other person makes them feel so special! plus it’s free!

8. cook something together ~ make it an event. cupcakes, dinner, breakfast – linger over the food & have a great conversation.

9. play your favorite song that is special just to the two of you. play the guitar, make up a fun song, sing karaoke

10. find your inner chi and give eachother a hands-on massage, or gift your valentine with a massage at a local salon.

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