Tuesday, September 27, 2011

GoGreen Pocket Diapers

Ok, I got to try out one of the COOLEST one size pocket diapers ever! I was so pleased that I was given the opportunity to try the GoGreen Champ 2.0 pocket diaper. They sent me the Poople Champ (the name just makes me laugh a little). It’s a beautiful purple, one of my favorite colors. But, shhhhh let’s just not tell my son he’s wearing purple.
Here is a description of the diaper per their website.

The Champ is a premium one-size pocket diaper with the convenient feature that you don't have to remove the soiled inserts - they come out by themselves in the wash! The Champ also boasts AI2 functionality. We've added an additional snap to both the diaper and the insert that allow the insert to be secured outside of the pocket! No slipping, no bunching. This snap also conveniently keeps the insert and diaper attached in the wash whether you choose to use the insert in or outside of the pocket - no more sorting laundry! The Champ features an extended sizing range, and truly will fit from birth to potty (and beyond!). Our Dual Gussets™ barrier provides superior fit and containment - no leaks on even the smallest of babies.

I have yet to be disappointed by this diaper. I have used it a lot and it is definitely my “go to” diaper. It’s absolutely amazing how much potty this will hold with the 1 insert it comes with. It’s one of my favorites to put on him when we are going to be gone for awhile, because he can wear it for hours and I know their will be no leaks and his bottom will be nice and dry. I was even more amazed at how well it worked as a night time diaper. I have tried several different options, but this takes the cake! I snapped in the one insert and added an extra cotton/hemp insert and it worked beautifully. No wet clothes, not even the slightest bit of wicking around the waist (a problem I tend to have). Talk about one happy mama and baby in the morning.
There are a few more features I love about this diaper.
  • The color coded snaps. All I need to do is tell whoever is watching him what color snaps for the proper fit. It couldn’t be an easier.
  • It goes on like a “normal” diaper
  • You can stuff the diaper from the front or the back
  • The double gussets
  • How easy this diaper is to keep clean
  • How trim the fit is
  • The way it fits my son’s slender waist and thighs.
  • The multiple rise adjustments. Just perfect for us.
  • The PRICE of only $15.95 for the Champ 2.0. Talk about a deal.

They also have their original line for only $9.99 and a brand new limited edition partnership with Mudd Butt for $24.95, which is selling out fast. All their lines have the most adorable prints.

The owners of GoGreen have been very generous to offer one Champ 2.0 for Freebie Friday. YAY!!!! And since we all can’t win one, they were kind enough to offer a 10% discount code to our WONDERFUL fans. To receive your 10% discount enter ILIKEBOOK 10%off during checkout.

PS ~ The i like book will be hosting a ‘Freebie Friday’ on Sept 30th & will be giving away 1 GoGreen Pocket Diaper to 1 lucky winner. Stop by and enter at: www.facebook.com/theilikebook