Wednesday, August 1, 2012

18 Summers & Why I'm Making The Most Of It

18 Summers & Why I’m Making The Most Out Of It

Have you ever thought about it? 

That you might have just 18 summers with your kids? How does it make you feel?
I know for me, with our oldest nearly 8, I can't help but panic, *I might only have 10 left?*. Well, I'll be darned if I'm going to let them sneak by me. Oh no, I'm making the most of it - and not just summers, though that's what's on my mind currently as we're in it AND it's the time I get both of my kids home full time. So I've been working hard at using our time for making memories - lots and lots of memories.

Holding hands on the way to the fireworks.

Some of you may be wondering about the housework and how I keep it up: I don't. lol - okay, that's not entirely true. I am also trying my best to *earn our way* to the fun each day....I generally do the dishes in the morning and get the kitchen tidied up {minus the giant stack of papers I have yet to contend with}, and have the kids tidy the front room, and perhaps any other small messes that may be theirs. And I try to do something in the evening that helps keep up the house {ie laundry}, plus my husband is also a HUGE help {yay}.
One thing I am confident in is that my kids will never say *Well, we didn't do many fun things this summer, but I'm sure glad we kept the house clean*. So I say, let's HAVE FUN! {Besides, we can clean in the winter lol}
In our approximately 5 weeks of summer weather {of the only 8 we get} here are some of the things we are doing to make memories. In addition, of course, to SEVERAL beach days:
Sidewalk Chalk Paint
Playing with Puppies
Drinking Homemade Milkshakes
Making Rabbit Ears & A Fake Punching Fist
Making Muffins
Playing at the Park
You know what I love most about these experiences? They are mostly or completely FREE! Making memories doesn't have to be about spending money, but rather about being TOGETHER. Just spending time TOGETHER - no phones, no computers, tv, etc. Putting the cleaning off for even just a few minutes {It will still be there, I promise} and just being IN the moment.

If you are feeling at a loss of things to do, head on over to my blog where I've posted a list of free activities for kids to help make memories. Make this summer count, or better yet, find a way - however small - to make memories in EVERY DAY and build lasting relationships that ensure you have the full 18 summers, and more!

*Hailey is a guest blogger for Cute Like Me, where she writes about family life, traveling, reviews {and giveaways too}, cooking, and of course, making memories!*

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