Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Road Trip Survival Kit

Summertime road trippin’!  You’ve got places to go and people to see.  Just pack the kids in the car and off you go, right?  Right.  It’s always that easy.  Here’s our Road Trip Survival Kit with a little something for everyone…

First things first.  Let’s not get the kids run over when we stop to get something somewhere.  To that end Parking Pal Magnet is a must-bring in every vehicle.  It’s a handy, cute magnet to stick on your vehicle and get the kids to stand with their hand on it.  Keeps the kids occupied for that nano-second you need to get yourself organized and ready to move.

Anyone’s kids do the “I need to pee” the VERY instant you pass the last exit with a gas station?  Now you’re scrambling, pedal to the metal, to get to the next exit.  Oops! Sheet’s Waterproof Cotton Car Seat Cover will be your new best friend.  An elastic perimeter makes for quick on/off and Velcro openings accommodate the car seat’s harness system.  Best of all, the Oops! Sheet Waterproof Cotton Car Seat Cover is machine washable and reusable - ready for the next road trip.

Travelers get hungry! BPA-free EasyLunchboxes® make meal-time on the road fun and easy. Avoid the drive-thru and unhealthy fare at rest stops. EasyLunchboxes compartmentalized containers have easy-open lids are a great shape for little (and big!) laps. And check out EasyLunchboxes Cooler bags which fit up to 3 containers in one cooler bag, meaning lots of food in a compact space.

Littler travelers will appreciate the Primary Colors sensory tag lovey by Baby Jack Blankets. Silky satin top fabric and plush minky dot backing with ribbon Tab accents will provide entertainment, security and comfort throughout the car ride and road trip making your child feel right at home.  These adorable baby blankets are designed by Moms with babies in mind; handmade in the USA.

Last but not least, something for the grownups.  You may end up with a vehicle full of squabbling kids and here’s something to help you look good while you’re at it. 
Joe Jacket reusable drink sleeves.  Style up that cup of coffee, turn up the radio and enjoy your wild and crazy family road trip adventure!

Safe Travels!


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