Friday, December 14, 2012

Achieving Creative 'Christmas' Order

Achieving Creative 'Christmas' Order

Hi friends! I'm Susan over at {Achieving} Creative Order and Meredith has so kindly asked me to share a little something with you today!

And with the holidays fast approaching, I thought I'd share how I like to organize my Christmas wrapping gear. (And I say gear because there is a lot more than just wrapping paper when it comes to making our holiday packages fun and festive.:)

So here it is. I bought a large, clear under-bed storage box from Ikea (although you can find similar versions all over). I knew it would be perfect for those long roles of wrapping paper, along with my other goodies. 

Container Store actually has a kit that comes with these smaller boxes to divide the space. Although it was a little pricier than mine, 
it is super cool if I do say so myself. :)

In my storage box, along with my paper rolls, I also keep ribbon,

 gift boxes and bags, and tissue paper.
And although it isn't picture in there (gotta get me some more), I usually keep a roll or two of Scotch's Pop-Up Tape. Seriously makes wrapping so much easier.

I also keep my folder full of Christmas card supplies

(see my post about that here)

as well as a small box of little goodies I find at the end of season the year prior (when they are half off) for super easy gifts. 

**Note, the candy canes are not from last year. :) 
Just thought they'd be fun tied to packages. 

Last but not least is a gift wrap and mail checklist I found at: Organized Christmas.
I slipped it into a clear sheet protector and used packaging tape to tape it on the inside of my storage box for easy reference. That way I can tell super quick what I need to replenish before the wrapping frenzy begins.

On the other side, seeing that all of our family is out of town,  I slipped in an information sheet about the post office services and dates, etc. So that I'm on top of when to get things sent out.

So there you have it folks: 

All of my wrapping supplies in one central location. 
Here is why I like this particular method over others I have tried in the past:

  • The box is clear which makes it easy to see what is inside.
  • The size makes it easy to store--whether under a bed or stacked with my other holiday storage bins.
  • It is large enough to fit those long rolls of paper.
  • It is compact enough to move around to a table or wherever you like to wrap your gifts. 

Stop on over at my blog {Achieving} Creative Order to see what organizing/ diy home project we are tackling next. It's never a dull moment over here I promise.

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